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Where to buy custom printed table covers or trade table covers -Expandpromotion
Published: 2020-10-06

Where to buy custom printed table covers or trade show table covers -Expandpromotion

When preparing for a trade show or when constructing a display trade show, people always think of pop up displays, roll up displays and other retractable banner stands. One opportunity that often goes unnoticed is the chance to advertise your business utilizing trade show table covers. Use these tips to incorporate printed table throws into your displays:


1) Highlight your logo.

Sometimes, a simple printout of your business logo on the table cover is all that you will need for your display. If you’ve displayed other pertinent information elsewhere but still need a way to imprint your logo into your customer’s memory, then have your printer place a large logo on the front of the table cover. Just be sure that the logo fits into the appropriate dimensions by measuring the width as well as the distance from tabletop to floor of the table that you will be using.


2) Make a big statement.

Any design that you place on a table cover will usually drape over the front of the table toward the floor. This places your design below the customer’s line of sight, so you will have to make up for the placement disadvantage by producing a large and colorful statement. Choose colors that contrast well. For instance, a yellow logo against a dark blue background will immediately catch the eyes of passersby.

3) Match the table cover to your overall theme.

The design elements of your table cover including your colors, images, fonts and text styles should mirror the design elements of the rest of your display. You will have a more unified design if you use a single vendor for all of your display items. Instead of purchasing disparate items from different signage vendors, you will ensure that you present a unified and classic design for your booth when one vendor produces all of your materials.

Sometimes, a vendor will offer you a volume discount if you purchase all of your display items such as table covers, banners and other signage from that vendor. Vendors may also put together bundles that will provide you with a better deal than you would receive if you purchased pieces like printed table covers one at a time. Your investment in display materials is an investment in gaining business from both new and existing customers. Make sure that you receive the best value for your money.

4) Provide your contact information.

If you have a vanity phone number or a vanity URL, then consider displaying it on your printed table cover as a part of your overall design. If you prefer e-mail contact from customers, then display your e-mail address prominently. Customers will have an easy reference that will enable them to contact your business. Even when they don’t have time to stop by your display, your customers can jot down your web address or other contact information in their notes or on their smart-phones as they pass by your booth.

This is not entirely true, as people are passing by and as they observe the entire display, they also look at the table. Adding a custom table skirts will complete the entire look of the display and the overall appearance will be much more professional. Besides, a table cover can be used as an advertising space.